“What we know is a drop. What we don’t know is an ocean.”

Dr. Volkmann provides marine and terrestrial mining consulting, engineering and science-based R&D services to companies, authorities and other stakeholders.


My Mission

“I am on a blue mission for a greener tomorrow.”

While I maximize the value for my clients, I am committed to ensuring an environmentally responsible and resource-efficient use of mineral resources from our Earth’s crust, ocean floor and the subsoil thereof, for the benefit of mankind and for a green energy future. 

My Services

Research & Development

Dr. Volkmann offers companies, authorities and other stakeholders his expertise and capacities to execute R&D projects. “I ensure that the best experts work together to meet your expectations.”

Consultancy & Engineering

Through close cooperation with leading research institutes, organizations and companies, Dr. Volkmann can provide excellent consulting and engineering services for all types of mining.

Teaching &

Dr. Volkmann is committed to the education of young scientists and experts. He offers lectures, talks and presentations to audiences in public schools, universities and other venues.

Expert Blog

  • #Deep-Sea Mining
    What is international #deepseamining (DSM) or what it should be – an opinion: – DSM is a possible way to source the metals needed to build a green energy future, which implies no child labor, zero-waste processing, and a smaller carbon footprint compared to land-based mining. In principle, any nation that has signed UNCLOS hasContinue reading “#Deep-Sea Mining”
  • Blue Solutions for a Green Energy Future
    The following presentation was held virtually at the 2020 Underwater Mining Conference (UMC). Dr. Volkmann outlines the challenges that the deep-sea mining industry, the scientific community and authorities might face in the near future. He provides insights into blue solutions that could be the key to establish blue mining and to build a green energyContinue reading “Blue Solutions for a Green Energy Future”


Our blue planet calls for blue solutions. Let’s shape Blue Mining together.

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